ACRN is open to all, Russian orthodox or not, French of Russian origin or with French roots, as well as to citizens of other countries, living in the region of Nice or elsewhere, including in foreign countries, who wish to support its action*. If you wish to join us, please fill in your online subscription (hereunder) or print this page and mail it to : ACRN, Cathédrale Russe, Boulevard du Tzarévitch, 06000 Nice
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Yearly membership fee amounts to Eur 15 for active members, and to Eur 150+ for benefactors, easily payable online with your credit card (secured payment), through clicking on the Paypal button below :
Annual membership
Or you may send your bank cheque to our organization:

Cathédrale Russe, Boulevard du Tzarévitch,
06000 Nice

If you do not wish to join us as an active member or as a benefactor, but are willing to express your support to our action, you may also :

  • Arrange a donation of whatever amount, also payable online with Paypal hereabove.
  • Sign HERE our petition confirming your support to the French judgment ruling that the St Nicholas cathedral (which remains classified as a historical construction part of the French patrimony) is to be returned to Russia, being understood that the place of worship that it shelters remains the intangible home of all parishers.

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