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Prince Nicholas of Russia, senior member of the imperial House of Russia, is our Honorary President.





Nicholas Romanovitch, today the senior member of the House of Russia, is born in Antibes on the 13th of September 1922.

He is the grand-grand-son of Tsar Nicholas Ist of Russia and the son of Grand-Duke Roman Petrovitch and Countess Prascovia Sheremetieff. He married on the 21st of January 1952 at the Russian Orthodox church of Cannes, Countess Zveva della Gherardesca, daughter of Count Walfredo della Gherardesca and Marchioness Nicoletta de Picolellis. He has three children, Natalia, Elisabeth and Tatiana.

In spite of exile, Grand-Duke Roman Petrovitch of Russia and his wife did grow Nicolas, as well as his brother Dimitri in strict accordance with the Russian spirit, following the precepts of the Russian Orthodox religion. Prince Nicholas of Russia did always demonstrate his high interest for the land of his ancestors, and kept on following the significant changes which occurred in Russia over the last decades.

He is the president of the “Romanov Family Association”.


An Honoray Committee has been established, and President is Prince Dimitri of Russia.





Dimitri Romanovitch, Prince of Russia, is the brother of Prince Nicholas Romanovitch. He thus belongs to the House of Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov. He is born in Antibes on the 4th of March 1926.

He married on the 28th of July 1993, in Kostroma (the town where the first Romanov, Tsar Michael of Russia, was crowned), with Countess Dorrit Rewentlow. He is the president of “Foundation Romanov for Russia”. He speaks Russian, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Danish and Arabic. His passions are also numismatic, hunting and fishing.


Are members of the Honorary Committee:





Prince George Yourievsky


Prince Dimitri Schakhovskoy


Prince Alexandre Troubetzkoi


Prince George Yourievsky is the grand-grand-son of Tsar Alexander II, who had married for the second time Princess Ekaterina Dolgorouki. He is the son of prince Alexander Gueorguievitch and of Alexandra von Zarkenau. Born in St Gallen, Switzerland on the 8th of December 1961, he lives in Zurich.



Mrs Lydia Fedorovna Places






Mrs Lydia Feodorovna Places, deceased on the 1st of March 2010 in Nice, is a posthumous member of our Committee of Honor. A descendant of the first Russian emigration, she was enlivening with passion and faith the daily animation of the Russian orthodox cathedral of Nice, where she was an active parishioner. She remains on our side, in our hearts and minds.


The executive Board of the Association is made of:




Vladimir Serioguine

Pierre de Fermor

Jacques Tournayre







Christian Frizet


Nikita Ionnikoff





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