ACRN, a non profitable cultural association ruled by the French Law of 1901, was created in order to:

- Gather within an amicable structure all persons deeply attached to the symbolic image which the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St-Nicholas sets in Nice, expressing there the long friendship ties that exist between France and Russia;

- Arrange an informative structure able to communicate and take action on all aspects related to preserving and valorizing the Cathedral of St Nicholas;

- More generally, promote knowledge and favor overall protection of the Russian orthodox cultural heritage in Nice and on the French Riviera.

- Facilitate and reinforce exchanges between the citizen of Nice, of the French Riviera, and of elsewhere, being themselves of Russian origin or having assembled family or friendly ties that demonstrate their affection for such values;

- Locally contribute even more widely to magnify moral and friendly ties as well as cultural exchanges between France and Russia.


To whom does belong the Russian Cathedral of Nice?


Here is the question which bustles all people…

The answer seems nevertheless simple to me: The cathedral is and will remain the symbolic and timeless house of all Christians who come here to pray, parishioners or travelers, all with no exception, being or not a member of the local worshiping association that is far to assemble the Russian orthodox congregation in Nice.

Because the Russian orthodox cathedral of St Nicholas is before all a place where to pray.

Let us not also forget that this monument is the most visited one in Nice (not to say on the whole Riviera) and also officially registered as an inalienable portion of the French historical patrimony.

It matters little whether one or the other organization is its temporal legal owner. Providing that such has and maintains full financial capacity to carry all and any heavy expenses needed to properly maintain and renovate the monument.

It happens that French Justice has just decided that the Russian Federation is now its legal owner. Well, why would this judgment embarrass us? Here is a friendly state, competent and fortunate, which will manage at its own expense this wonderful architectural and religious property, contributing to the good fame of the city which shelters it.


Pierre de Fermor


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